Doorways: Chapter 3 - The Underworld

Hello everybody!

We’re finally going to show you some updates of what’s coming… The Underworld!


During the last months of 2013 we couldn’t move forward too much in this chapter because the structure of the development team suffered some important changes.

But, after some tests and after creating some contacts in events and across the internet, we could finally reconstruct the team of Saibot Studios!


The new team

imageIn the graphic art area we count with Damián Teixeira in 3D modeling and texturing; illuminations and creation of maps; and conceptualization of scenes. Damián worked both on video-games projects and also in important animated movies such like Foosball. Without a doubt he’s doing an exceptional work in Doorways, witch is going to move the visual of the new chapters to a higher level.


imageAlso in the graphic art area we have Jean-ismaël who is in charge of giving life to the twisted and terrific creatures witch are living in the new worlds of Doorways. Jean is a 3D modeler and animator from France who has shown us his incredible talent and dedication in just the first weeks inside the office.


imageIn the story, scripting and texts area we count with Brian Amadori, a talented video-game developer who has been working in the industry during all his life, from programming, to scripting and designing. Brian and I were teammates In the companies Global Fun and Hungry Game; he helped us before testing the first two chapters and giving us his feedback; and now we decided to invited him to be part of the adventure.


imageDavid Levill continues doing his amazing job in the ambient music, but now he’s also in charge of the sound effects. I used to do this last area when we couldn’t have the possibilities of having someone specialized to do them. But we can do it now so this will allow the sound effects to have a much professional level in Doorways.


imageI, Tobías Rusjan, continue in programming, designing and directing the project. Thanks of all the strength and professionalism of the rest of the team, I’m able to dedicate more to the areas I belong, and not trying to do something where I cannot do my best. Without any doubt, what we’re building right now with this new team is going to result in a much superior level than the previous chapters.


imageDamián, Jean and are working right now at the same place, we can call it “the office”, which is in fact the leaving room of my home.


The Underworld

The new chapter of Doorways occurs in an underground world, desolated and claustrophobic, inside it will be some interesting variations, each one with a more terrific aspect than the previous.

We continue giving special attention to the atmosphere of all places, but this time there will be more emphasis in the exploration of rooms and paths in the scenes.

imageimageWe don’t have the release date of chapter 3 defined yet. But our idea is to have it ready  for mid of this year (2014).

We’ll try to keep you updated with more information and new screenshots right here, and also across our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

Thank you for keep following us and for being part of this dreamed and spooky adventure :)

Cheers from the team at Saibot Studios!


Tobías “Toba” Rusjan

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