Substances inside the Underworld

Hi people. How’re you doing?

Past week our animator Jean-Ismael left the office to return to his country (France) due to some personal issues :( But will continue working on Doorways from the distance :)

Who saw the bright side of that was Damián, but I don’t really know why (?)


We continue working hard on the developing of the Underworld.

We incorporated substances to the scenes, this are special materials witch allow you to create textures with unique properties and amazing results.

This is giving us the possibility to create variations and a big level of details in the new environments. This is a great add to the atmosphere and also to the exploration of the new world.


Next time we’re probably going to show you more screenshots. Hopefully from a new sector ;)

Thanks again for following us.

Cheers from the team at Saibot Studios!


Tobías “Toba” Rusjan

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