The Sewers at the Underworld

Hi everybody! How is it going?

We’re doing great, working hard on chapter three of Doorways.

This time we have some new screenshots to show you, and these belong to another sector, one wetter, more putrid and pestilent: The Sewers at the Underworld.


As you can see in this new screenshots and comparing them to the first ones, this new episode will have different sectors. This allow us to offer new experiences in the atmosphere and also new challenges.

This time there’s going to be more elements from the “survival horror” genre; for example, some sectors will include maps with references to add more importance to the exploration aspect, also the use of a flashlight is going to be essential for the dark places.

imageSome new elements in gameplay are also going to be added, such like immersing in water, swimming, climbing and others. And also new hazards from the scenery and from the creatures are going to show up inside the Underworld; but we prefer not to spoil that ;)


For the people who didn’t play the first two chapters of Doorways yet, we recommend you to follow us on our sites, because we’re offering big discounts and also we started joining some “bundles”.

We still not have an official release date for the third chapter, but we continue focused on mid of this year (2014). Looking forward to have more news about this soon :)

Thanks to everybody who is following us and for all the support! Take care!


Tobías “Toba” Rusjan and the team at Saibot Studios

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